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  • Garages2Envy is a family owned and operated company who has been serving the garage remodeling, storage, and organizing needs of First Coast families for 12 years.  Our attention to detail, commitment to hiring the best designers, organizers, installers, carpenters and painters in our industry, and common sense business approach has made us the #1 residential garage makeover company in Jacksonville.  With over 2,500 customers in the First Coast region, you can be sure that you are getting the very best service possible.

    As our family has grown, we have added to our service offerings.  We've based our growth on our extensive history of customer service in the garage remodeling industry, and only offer the best products and services available.  We pride ourselves in our work and exclusive partnerships with some of the finest home improvement product companies in the world. 

    As our slogan and Katie's children say..."Give our mom a call, she'll organize it all!"

    We specialize in garage makeovers, garage cabinets, garage shelving, garage flooring, and wall organizers. We are a full service company and can help organize your garage around your lifestyle and budget.

    We will help with everything from sorting through your items to decide what to keep and what to donate, repair and paint walls, repair and paint ceilings, install storage cabinets and shelving to your specific needs, coat your garage floors, and then help clean all the items you decided to keep and re-organize it all back into your new space.

    All of these services are priced individually so that you can customize the project to your specific needs.

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  • From A Recent Article 2015

    Many homeowners struggle to find the perfect organization system for their lifestyle, home, and budget. Grand plans to create an organized space turn out to be more expensive than originally thought, DIY projects require more expertise than the Pinterest tutorial claimed, and all of it takes too much time to actually implement.  So, many spaces are inefficient and underutilized - particularly garages.

    Katie Criscitiello has helped create many organized spaces during her time as a professional organizer, but the space she discovered needed the most help was the garage, time and time again. After pairing up with a local garage franchise owner to help create designs for his customers, Katie created a package for her organization business, Organized Solutions.  She called this package of products and services the “Complete Garage Makeover” (CGM) and found an instant hit.

    For six years, Katie honed her skills at organization and became an expert at the CGM.  Shortly after her daughter, Addison, was born, Katie decided to focus completely on garage organization and founded Garages2Envy.

    Garages2Envy specializes in the CGM, a full-service package that brings together a team of professional organizers, designers, and installation experts to install garage cabinetry customized to any customer’s needs.  The service starts with a consultation that allows Garages2Envy to ask their customers driving questions, then craft a personalized makeover together with their clients using state-of-the-art 3D modeling software.

    Garages2Envy also has alliances with carpenters, electricians, and plumbers for projects that need a bit more attention.  No matter what kind of care your garage may need in order to turn it into the organized storage space of your dreams, Garages2Envy has you covered. And with over 2500 satisfied customers in their portfolio so far, you can rest assured that they are experts.

    As if their professionalism, customization options, and expertise weren’t enough, Garages2Envy is also committed to giving back to the community.  While homeowners are going through their belongings, they can set aside the items they no longer want or need, and Garages2Envy will ensure that the items are donated to a local charity.

    Though a garage makeover may seem overwhelming, Garages2Envy can help you create a space you’ll love.  Their consultation ensures that the proposed solution will suit your lifestyle for years to come, while staying within your budget. If you want to tackle the project yourself, you can call in the experts to help you set the stage and set you off in the right direction. And if you’ve already tried the DIY route and things didn’t work out, there’s no need to worry. Garages2Envy is able to tear out old organization systems to make way for the new.

    Katie is a Jacksonville resident who loves living in the city with her husband Chad, and their children, Addison and Anthony. She understands how busy family life is and how overwhelming a large makeover project can feel. But she also knows the difference a well-organized garage can make in the daily life of Floridians and loves to share her knowledge. If you’ve been considering a garage makeover, look no further than Garages2Envy.