• Frequently Asked Questions About Our Custom Garage Solutions

  • What is the prep needed on the garage floor?
    A:  We do a diamond plated etch grind on the concrete.  It is a dry prep, which is important.  The last thing you want to do is any prep that introduces water into the concrete before you seal it.

    How long does the floor take to install?
    A:  It is a one day floor install.  That includes the prep.  The day after the floor is complete, foot traffic is fine, however, you want to leave your vehicles out for one additional day.  If the floor is over 800 sq ft it may take two days for intall.

    My floor is painted, does it need to be removed?
    A:  Yes! You must apply coating directly to concrete to ensure adhesion.

    Where do I put all my stuff to do the floor?
    A:  We provide a PODS container for you to store and lock all your belongings in while the floor is being done.  It is delivered to your house as many days prior to the install as required, and can be kept for as many days after as needed.

    Do we need to empty our garage to do the floors?
    A:  The garage cabinets nor main garage area does need to be empty to do the floor.  You can empty yourself, but we do offer to empty the contents of the garage for you.  Additional charges will apply for this, but will be quoted separately from the floor pricing.

    Will it the floor peal or stain?
    A:  The floor is designed to be stain resistant and not peal up, specific to the elements it faces in the garage.  It has a 15 year warranty! 

    How is the floor priced?
    A:  The floor is priced by the square foot.

    Who does the work?
    A:  Our employees do the work, it is not subbed out!

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