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  • The Complete Garage Makover!
    This can be an overwhelming task for families to attempt. Katie Criscitiello is our lead designer and has been a garage organization expert for over 11 years. She developed the complete package years ago as she realized just how daunting a task like this can be to tackle on your own.

    There are many steps required to completely organize the garage and we make sure we talk about an approach to each one of them.

    We are set up to take care of all the steps needed to transform your Jacksonville garage makeover, however respect that due to budgets and personal preferences, many homeowners would prefer to do some of the work themselves. That is why we are happy to help design and schedule accordingly. Katie takes all projects from start to finish. The first step is the initial needs assessment which she then turns into a 3D design and plan to redo the garage.

    Where to Start:

    Step One: Design Consultation
    Takes about an hour to take measurements and prepare a 3D design and estimate for you.

    Step Two: Decide which products and services you would like to have done.
    You can do everything we suggest or simply have your garage floors coated or garage cabinets installed. It is up to you. Then decide which parts of the project you would like us to take care of and which parts you would prefer to do yourselves. 

    Step Three: Color selection and Scheduling
    We have over 30 garage floor and cabinet colors to choose from. Then it is a matter of picking the dates for your project and scheduling with Katie.

    Typical Garage Makeover: Our storage design services can take care of the following!

    Step One: Sort through all of your belongings and decide what to keep, discard, donate, or give away. We are there to help with this step! It can be too much to do on your own.

    Step Two: Empty garage. Store all of your items you have decided to keep in a PODS container we will provide. Remove all trash and deliver all your donations and items you have decided to give away.

    Step Three: Repair and Paint. You don't empty your garage very often, so this is a good time to take care of painting the walls and ceilings.

    Step Four: Floors installed. Whether you have the floors coated with our products or just want to paint them, now is the time.

    Step Five: Cabinet/Shelving/Wall organizers are installed. From Cabinets to ceiling storage, this is where the 3D design comes to life!

    Step Six: Re-organize the items you kept into your new garage! Be sure to clean everything and zone organize according to use and function.

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