• Jacksonville Garage Flooring and Specialty Paint Solutions

  • A garage makeover isn’t over until you’ve dealt with that floor.
    All the organizers, shelving and cabinets can’t hide the reality of what’s underfoot. Professional garages are often judged by a clean, well-maintained floor. Garage flooring and specialty paint solutions has come a long way and Garages2Envy has many options!

    HP Spartacote is a polyaspartic pigmented concrete coating. Unlike epoxy floor coatings that require long curing time, application of Spartacote is completed in just hours at any temperature or humidity and ready for use the next day. It’s three times as durable as epoxy and available in four styles for garage flooring Jacksonville homeowners rate highly:

    • Sparta-Guard is a solid color system consisting of 2 pigmented coats and a clear coat. Traction additives can be blended into the mix and it is resistant to oil, brake fluid, grease and other industrial chemicals.
    • Sparta-Chip provides a visually appealing, terrazzo-like flooring available in a wide variety of hi-gloss and lo-gloss finishes. It consists of two base coats, a chip coat and a clear top coat.
    • Sparta-Quartz combines tough quartz aggregate with polyaspartic technology. The result is triple the abrasion resistance of epoxy and suitable for the most demanding environments and promising garage flooring solutions.